Rule & Regulations

  • School uniform is mandatory for each student in school campus during school hours.
  • Discipline punctuality and neatness should be strictly maintained.
  • It is mandatory to arrive the school is minutes before the assembly starts.
  • 80% school attendance is compulsory for each student.
  • Students are not allowed to loiter here and there during the school hours.
  • Parents/Guardian are not allowed to visit the classroom during the school hours.
  • Only English speaking is strictly mandatory within the school campus.
  • Meeting with and complaints against the teachers should be done through the school office’s permission.
  • Use of intoxicants, physical violence and stealing are considered as great offence and those who are coming under such cases will be suspended from the school.
  • No gold ornaments are allowed in the school.
  • violation of the above rules will make the authority take strict action.

Rules of Admission

  • The school admit boys and girls of all communities.
  • Pupils are admitted after passing a written test which is based on academic evaluation of the standard and general knowledge.
  • The minimum age for Nursery.
  • The decision of the Principal is final about admission.